Understanding Feedback Options, Part II

     Part I defined three feedback solution options:

  1. Surveys
  2. Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)
  3. Effective Notification Systems

     Objectives and or situations will dictate whether or not surveys or an EFM should be considered but every single organization should have an effective notification system.

     There are many practical reasons to have an effective notification system. They are also universally recommended to business and legal experts and are now increasingly important to consumers.

     There are no legal consequences if a nonpublic entity does not have an effective notification system but an organization can be held criminally liable whenever an employee or agent commits an illegal act within the apparent scope of his or her responsibilities, even if they acted directly contrary to policy and instructions. However just having an effective compliance and ethics program can protect an organization and its leaders from prosecution, reduce a fine by up to 95% or a sentence in the event of prosecution. It also has benefits in civil and administrative litigation.

     Contact me for a list of all effective notification systems and a coupon for our TConnect solution.

     In Part II we will outline the benefits of all three solutions.