You Can't Fix Little Problems Before They Become Big Problems If You Don't Know About Them

It seems like the more connected we are, the more we miss information that we need to know. Unless you have our T applications.


The ever greater fire hose of email, text, social media notifications never stop and as a result some ultimately important information just doesn’t get through.


My very observant and inveterate fixer friend Robert Cayless noted these stairs. In an effort to save trimming time the grass bordering the steps was killed. The consequences were quickly obvious but because there was no effective means to alert management, the erosion literally undermined the concrete steps before it came to management’s attention.


TAlert doesn’t just prevent and detect really bad things. It also facilitates reporting minor, but ultimately important matters that otherwise slip through the cracks. For less than a dollar a day it quickly pays for itself regarding matters including energy usage, practices, and process.

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