An Important Message for Small and Medium Organization Leaders

In 2002, after preventable scandals devastated jobs, employee pension benefits, and investors, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was enacted to restore trust in public companies. The Act also included a provision that did the same for all other entities by directing the U.S. Sentencing Commission to ensure that their guidelines “are sufficient to deter and punish organizational criminal misconduct.”


The associated the U.S. Sentencing Commission requirements were published in 2004 and last revised in 2013. They require all organizations, including corporations, partnerships, associations, joint-stock companies, unions, trusts, pension funds, unincorporated organizations, governments, and nonprofit organizations, of any size, full or parttime, year-round or not, to have an “Effective Compliance and Ethics Program and System” to prevent and detect criminal conduct.


Use our free checklist to see if your organizations meets the federal requirements.


If your organization does not meet the minimum requirements there are no potential criminal consequences, unless there is an incident that the requirements were intended to prevent and detect.


In such cases, although the government may choose not to prosecute the organization and or leaders, in addition to the consequences of the incident itself there are increasingly severe civil implications.


If you’ve never had any notification system you’ve probably had to deal with problems that could have been prevented or at least dealt with before they were of much significance. Not having a notification system may have cost you staff, business, time, resources, and money.


If you haven’t had an Effective Compliance and Ethics Program and System, I hope you been able to avoid the consequences. But you won’t much longer. It’s a matter of trust: The absolutely essential foundation of that trust is a notification system that meets U.S. government requirements, American Bar Association and organization expert recommendations, and  now, consumer and workforce preferences.


The American Bar Association and organization experts recommend a system to raise and address problems as they are a good business practice and regardless of governance or size, every organization should voluntarily implement them. The ABA says, “Should the benefits of compliance not be significant, avoiding liability should be.”


And now, consumers and the workforce prefer organizations that have an effective notification system.


TDeliver’s TAlert application far exceeds those requirements, recommendations, and preferences. Our TAlert app eliminates those risks. It also includes a TShield that indicates trust and serves as a two-way portal.


And TAlert also helps with the mundane but important matters that never seem to get communicated or fall through the cracks.


TDeliver apps don’t just prevent and detect problems and save money, they also enable organizations to more effectively market to and connect with their customers and workforce.


Get TAlert from TDeliver. It’s based on the most extensive research in the industry. We’re also the only provider that specializes in small and medium organizations and that offers notification and feedback solutions. And were the only provider in North American that offers product and services and employer solutions. We also have a shield if you already have a solution that at least meets federal requirements. And cost is never a barrier to participation.


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