Have Something to Hide?

     The U.S. government compels all organizations to meet specific requirements for an effective notification program and system to prevent and detect criminal conduct.

     And virtually all organization experts and now consumers strongly agree with the American Bar Association, that programs and system to raise and address problems are a good practice and regardless of governance or size, every single organization should voluntarily implement them.

     So why would an organization not have an effective notification program and system to prevent and detect incidents such as sexual harassment and assault, authority figures having sex with minors, defalcation, fraud, discrimination – outright racism, theft, bribery, safety and security breaches, violations of law, policies, and procedures?

     We already do background checks.

     Good, keep doing them, they are important. But background checks are not enough, more than 90% of the people responsible for organization incidents successfully completed required background checks.

     We already have a program including detailed policies and procedures.

     Good for you, that is better than nothing, but no program is effective without a required system “which facilitates reporting.”

     Providers including Abuse Prevention Systems and MinistrySafe offer comprehensive programs but Awareness Training, Skillful Screening, Policies and Procedures, Background Checks, and Monitoring and Oversite checklists do not make reporting easy so potentially aberrant and aberrant behavior does not get reported.

     Comprehensive fire protection programs are important too, but without fire alarms, fires can still devastate an organization.

     You gotta have a system. We have a long and nauseating list of incidents that occurred in spite of impressive programs including those involving law enforcement.

     Solutions are too expensive.

     As much as many organizations have wanted to do the right thing, costs have been prohibitive particularly for sole proprietors and small and medium organizations.

     But costs are no longer a barrier to participation.

     Too much to initial and ongoing work.

     As most effective notification systems were designed for large organizations, the effort to set up and maintain them are not practical let alone possible for sole proprietors and small and medium businesses and nonprofits.

     And now there is a practical solution for small and medium organizations.

     Don’t want to hear it.

     Some organizations have secrets that they want to stay secret. Things that they want to keep hidden.

     They have a very logical reason not to have an effective notification program and system.

      TDeliver understands why these incidents go unreported and what can be done to facilitate prompt communication, the possibility of which is likely to preclude some negative occurrences. And that is what the 1st Notice application does.

     Our TAlert app is a 24/7 back up to background checks and although it includes a program, it integrates well with other programs.

     TAlert was designed specifically for sole proprietors and small and medium businesses and nonprofits. We set it up, it’s easy to use, and support is available 24/7. And it costs as little as 50¢ a day, but cost is never a barrier to participation.

      TAlert is the solution most likely to prevent and the first to detect prohibited  conduct and exceeds all federal requirements and the recommendations of the American Bar Association and virtually all organization experts.

      If an organization does not have an effective notification system, they must have something to hide.