Fake Reviews in the News Again

Unfortunately we’ve become inured to fake reviews and the latest news about Amazon reviews being sold was followed by a spate of articles about how to spot fake reviews. Is that what buyers have to do today, differentiate between real and fake reviews. Do you have the time to do that? Should we be expected to do that?

     Actually, we should not expect accurate reviews from Amazon. Amazon is driven by sales and they use feedback to drive sales. Amazon is only concerned about accurate feedback when it is about Amazon itself, so they can learn how to increase sales and profits.

     Yelp and Facebook dominate the small and medium organization feedback market and while formidable the regard for their reviews, which can easily be gamed, is also understandably waning. And for them, the lack of trust engenders worse and worse behavior. Yelp and Facebook don’t do feedback right because they conflate feedback and social media and are both driven by advertising dollars – traffic, as are the lead-matching platforms such as IAC’s Angie’s List. Feedback requires more, feedback deserves more.

     Feedback done right is processed when, how and what consumers want.

     Checkout how TDeliver and its partners do feedback.