Small and Medium Organization Leader Alert

     In the early days of aviation pilots relied on “listening” to what their aircraft were telling them. Today, as aircraft have become ever more complex, pilots rely on dashboard notification systems to provide much more information faster.

     None of us would want anyone to be on a plane in which only normal operating indicators were being reported, but not indications of serious problems.

     Or if data was processed for some engines, and not others, or only available periodically. Or if the data could only be routed via less effective technology.

     Fortunately, the FAA has regulations regarding aircraft notification systems.

     Informed leaders have always tried to listen to their people but in our ever more complex world organization leaders must rely on notification and feedback systems in order to effectively listen. There are also federal requirements regarding organization notification systems and programs.

     But less than 5% of small and medium businesses and nonprofits even have the required notification solution to prevent and detect serious issues. And most of these organizations offer no means to process information for all of their constituencies, or at all times. At best they process feedback when they want, how they want, and what they want.

     That isn’t listening and critical performance drivers including safety, security, and diversity, equity, and inclusion are at least at risk, if not hobbled.

     Like some aircraft accidents, an organization’s lack of an accurate and effective notification system is not apparent until there has been a tragedy and civil actions dominate the redress.

     But there is a simple yet highly effective solution at an insignificant cost.

     Use this checklist to determine if your organization has the required effective notification system, which makes listening easy, and take advantage of the special offer if you do not.

     It is not just the right thing to do, it also makes very good business sense.