Just Asking for Feedback Does Not Make It Right

     Feedback really does make everything better, for both customers and organizations, but only if it is done right. And if it is not done right the result can be worse than if there was not any attempt to process feedback.

     Warning to consumers: Some organizations do not really want your feedback. And a thumbs up in a box saying, “We want to hear from you,” does not mean they want to hear from you enough to respond.

     Highmark Blue Shield recently emailed a new member information on registering for their member app/website. The benefits seem to justify the effort:

  • View your virtual member ID card
  • Check the status of your claims
  • Find in-network care nearby
  • Sign up to go paperless.

     However, after repeatedly completing all the registration fields, the new member always received an inexplicable error message, and there was not even a clue as what to do about it.

     The new member first clicked on the “I need more help” tab and was amazed that within minutes a Highmark representative called. Unfortunately, the caller was a sales rep and couldn’t help other than suggesting waiting, and trying again. That has yet to work.

     The new member clicked on an invitation to, “When you’re done, we’d like to hear about your experience today” and dutifully responded to every question and including the error message and not being able to get past it.

     Highmark may have liked to hear about the experience, but they have yet to respond. TDeliver learned that the responses was collected by Qualtrics and will be “routed to the people in the best position to make changes, helping Highmark drive continuous improvement.” Not much help to the new member.

     Warning to organizations: Negative feedback is like steam. If you do not give it some place to easily go and deal with it, it will burn people and cause explosions. This tweet is one example:

John Cleese


I have stayed at One and Only hotels, and they are very good but their Residence in Dubai has perfectly dreadful internet and Wi-Fi service The other guests agree with me and have complained I've given up complaining, as nothing happens

2:37 PM · Dec 15, 2020·Twitter Web App

     A One&Only sales office told us that every location welcomes and promptly responds to feedback at any hour, although it may be handled differently. There is a feedback option on the One&Only site but it is the fourth option in the Inquiry Type drop down on their Get in Touch form.

     These are examples of feedback not done right. In the next blog we will share examples of feedback done right.

     TDeliver optimizes the timeliness, quantity, and quality and of notifications, feedback, and suggestions because our applications allow people to submit information when they want, how they want and what they want, for any organization