A Matter of Trust

     When asked, most small and medium businesses and nonprofits tell us that they are trusted and then explain their answer by noting how long they have been in business, sales figures or the number of members or participants. Industry or area indexes and surveys provide an overview of customer trust issues and indications and can be helpful to the organizations that take them seriously. But the only indicator of trust that really matters is whether or not an organization currently has the trust of its customers and workforce.

     Many consumers frequent providers that they do not trust, and many employees do not trust their employers. The leading reason for both is that they are “not heard.” The most important tenets of trust are to listen, and respond, to customers and staff. It takes effort and resources for organizations to earn trust but like many things in business and life, what it takes to be trusted also makes the organization better.

     TDeliver’s proprietary Trusted Delivery Interface technology makes it easy for organizations to listen, and to respond. It also allows consumers and employees to be heard: When they want, how they want and what they want.

     And our associated Shields recognize the organizations that strive to earn trust and are a portal to important feedback.

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