Top Ten Reasons To Invite Feedback

     It seems that organizations are always asking for our feedback and there is more and more feedback available online. But organizations still do not have feedback from over 80% of the workforce and almost 70% of all customer transactions.

     Most organizations need to be reminded of the reasons to invite feedback:

10. Like steam, feedback is very powerful. If you do not capture positive feedback it quickly dissipates and is wasted. If you do not give negative feedback a place to go, it explodes and burns

  9. You don’t have to guess what employees and customers think

  8.  So you don’t get blindsided

  7.  To have the questions before anyone else

  6.  If you do not know, you cannot improve

  5.  What you do not know can hurt you

  4.  To make the best possible decisions

  3.  To beat the competition

  2.  To access the best source of the best ideas

  1. Inviting feedback, just inviting it, starts making everything better

     Next week we will address optimizing the timeliness, quantity, and quality of feedback. It is much easier than you would think. And surprisingly inexpensive.