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Nick Burkholder

Nick is the founder of TDeliver and an expert on missions, objectives, metrics, feedback and delivering important information. He has successfully completed over 300 consulting engagements and worked for organizations including the Johnson & Johnson Worldwide Family of Companies and The Vanguard Group of Investment Companies. Before beginning his business career, Nick was an Army officer.

A graduate of Lafayette College and a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, Nick co-authored "The Executive Career Guide" for MBAs with Richard H. Beatty and edited "On Staffing, Advice and Perspectives from HR Leaders". He also wrote "Outsourcing: The Definitive View, Applications & Implications" and co-authored "Ultimate Performance: Measuring Human Resources at Work" with Scott Golas and Jeremy Shapiro. He is currently writing "Everyone a Star" and a book on feedback. All of his books are published by John Wiley & Sons.

Nick greatly enjoys and learns from grandchildren Heidi, Maggie, Ollie and Jehu and dogs, particularly a German Shepherd named Scratch.