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Our Name

TDeliver is derived from our proprietary Trusted Delivery Interface technology. Trusted refers to our integrated systems. They are designed, continually improved, and managed to ensure that they and the data we process, including analytics, notifications, feedback, suggestions, messages, documents, and any type of internet file, are always secure and backed up. Interfaces are the platforms where people and organizations connect to access and share information, documents, and files.


What: Identify, acquire, process, and electronically deliver important information.
How: Research-based solutions utilizing virtual delivery interfaces accessed via partner portals, TShields, and dashboards..
Why: Recognize providers and employers that strive to earn trust.


Continually improve the delivery of notifications, feedback, suggestions, and other information to

  1.    Protect people and organizations
  2.    Foster engagement
  3.    Measurably optimize performance and satisfaction
  4.    Make information, documents, and files secure and easily and instantaneously accessible


TDeliver originated from a consultancy established in 1998 which applied engineering principles to human resource management and developed a blueprint to analyze or design and structure organizations. Associated web sites became leading authorities on staffing and human resource performance.

Most engagements included working with organization leaders to optimize their mission and objectives. Invariably, developing the associated indicators and metrics and delivering them to the right staff at the right time resulted in immediate, significant, and lasting performance improvement. During an engagement for Merck Research Laboratories it became apparent that feedback is essential to achieving and sustaining optimum performance.

After extensive experience with employee opinion surveys, we began collecting and analyzing feedback from candidates, external workforces and then B2B buyers. Within a few years our work had saved organizations tens of millions of dollars, driven even greater increases in sales and significantly improved workforce engagement and satisfaction.

When the Penn State child sex abuse scandal broke our leadership resolved to understand why such incidents go unreported and what, if anything could be done to facilitate prompt notification, the possibility of which was likely to preclude at least some negative occurrences.

After four years of the most comprehensive research of its kind including collecting data from almost 115,000 candidates, temporaries, employees, consumers, B2B buyers, college students and parents TDeliver  published “Comprehensive Analyses of Factors Associated with Communicating Serious Issues, Feedback and Suggestions.”

No organization knows more about missions, objectives, metrics, feedback and delivering important information. And our applications use that information to measurably Protect, Engage and Optimize.

We have been collecting and processing data and delivering important information for over 20-years. No applications are more trusted with important information than TDeliver’s TConnect. Our platforms have processed more than 1,267,000 notifications and surveys and the responses and identity of every single participant has been completely cloaked and protected. Over 57,000 organizations have our guides and toolkits and over 3,900 have relied on our applications for at least three years.